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IATP 2017 European Conference Interview with Phillip Howell

July 8, 2017

by Erica Mercer

IATP 2017 European Conference Interview with Phillip Howell

Best American Trampoline Parks President and CEO, Phillip Howell answered questions about the future of the trampoline park industry at the first International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) European Conference & Tradeshow.

Phillip discussed the evolution of trampoline parks and how they have grown from basic trampoline attractions with simple court layouts to family entertainment centers that include trampoline elements, climbing walls, game zones, soft play areas, and full-service cafés.

He continued to say that future trampoline parks will include even more innovative and exciting elements. The Best American Trampoline Parks team is currently working with clients that are incorporating roller coasters, cloud coasters, and other attractions into their facilities.

Phillip also expressed his gratitude towards the IATP’s commitment to not only developing safety standards but also bringing like-minded people together to collaborate and gain knowledge that will help move the industry forward in a positive way.