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Best American Trampoline Parks is a trampoline park industry leader with over 200 parks designed, equipped and operating worldwide.

We specialize in providing independent clients, existing family entertainment centers, and franchise groups with high-quality American made products, innovative designs, and a personalized approach to customer service that is second to none. As a family-owned and operated company, we take pride in providing a process and a product that exceeds all expectations. Since 1978, we have worked diligently to earn and maintain a reputation as a premier manufacturer and designer of trampoline parks.

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The Best American Trampoline Parks' project management team assists with the management of your project from concept to completion. Our team of professionals provide personalized support and work with your general contractor to ensure that our products are delivered on time for installation. The project management team is comprised of industry professionals who have extensive experience in the industry and have managed trampoline parks at the ground level. Our project managers are hands-on from the project's inception and ensure that all elements of the project are planned and executed properly. We provide personalized support and work with you and your general contractor to ensure that our products are delivered and installed according to your timelines.


We are proud to offer an in-house team of engineers and professional designers with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in mechanical and non-mechanical disciplines. These in-house professionals are proficient in drafting, can provide professional quality 2D and 3D drawings of your project and work alongside you and your architect to ensure that accurate drawings are referenced throughout the project. Our team also utilizes years of experience and industry knowledge to design a park layout that maximizes flow and traffic patterns within your trampoline park and can determine what attractions work well within your facility. They will also advise you on how much space is required to maximize throughput without compromising on aesthetics.


Professional quality 3D renderings can be added to your project and allow you to view your venue before breaking ground. These renderings can be beneficial when deciding on the overall concept of your entertainment center and can serve as an excellent marketing tool that can be used to promote your trampoline park while construction is underway. Our in-house design and rendering team provides life-like 3D renderings, including 360-degree virtual reality renderings of the venues interior, using your buildings CAD files to create a concept park that reflects your vision. The Best American 3D rendering and design team can incorporate your logo, graphics, colors and branding in a unique and impactful way that will allow you to visualize the venue as a finished product before you break ground.
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The Best American Trampoline Parks' marketing team works closely with you to craft a brand strategy that leaves a lasting impression with your target audience. Our team is available to manage your graphic design needs and can assist with the promotion of your new entertainment center through the creation and distribution of a press release through an online newswire. We are also available to oversee the creation of a logo that will resonate with your customers and can provide guidance regarding marketing collateral for the interior of your trampoline park. Our team of design experts will work alongside you to design banners and signs, can oversee the creation of wall graphics that complement the overall look of your trampoline park and more.
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Visualize the interior finishes of your trampoline park before construction has commenced with high quality 3D renderings prepared in-house by the Best American design team. Experiment with different materials, incorporate graphics onto the walls of your park, decide which colors look best on your vinyl pads and explore a variety of options before production begins. We can also integrate a variety of textures on platforms and counters of your new trampoline park investment.
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Active8 Software the first software system purpose-built for trampoline parks and similar entertainment centers. The Active8 Software platform accommodates the complex workflows that accompany this industry. This point of sale (POS) software system allows customers to book birthday parties and events, complete liability waivers and purchase tickets online, ensures that you are able to offer memberships to your customers and more. Entertainment center operators can easily manage events, monitor employee schedules and complete customer point of sale transactions on one easy to use system. The Active8 software system also features a modern interface with an easy to understand dashboard that displays all relevant information and ensures that functions used most often are readily available.

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We offer the fastest trampoline park installation in the industry. Our team of installation managers travel around the world to install our premium American made products with expert precision and can install 10,000 square-feet of trampoline courts and a large ninja course in seven days or less. Other trampoline park manufacturers require a minimum of three weeks to complete the same installation. In addition to providing the fastest installation in the industry, our installation managers work directly with the onsite labor and ensure that all installations are completed in compliance with ASTM standards.


As an American owned and operated company, we take pride in constructing our trampoline frames with premium American made steel. Our powder-coated bolt-together trampoline frame system is made from 4-inch by 4-inch, eleven-gauge steel and is the heaviest frame system in the industry. Our frames come with a limited lifetime warranty and are custom built. They will accommodate the height restrictions of your facility and comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. Best American Ninja Course Attractions and Aerial Attractions also feature truss systems constructed with American made steel. Our truss system is two and a half times the strength of aluminum and can be powder coated in an endless array of colors, including a color that resembles aluminum.


The success of your trampoline park is our number one priority and ensuring that your park is properly equipped from day one contributes to that goal. For this reason, we supply our clients with an immediate inventory of trampoline beds and springs that should last through the first one to two years of operation. When the time comes to order additional equipment, our warehouse team is available to coordinate your order and can generally ship out orders within one business day.


The Best American Trampoline Parks team represents some of the best and most diverse talent in the entertainment center industry. Each professional on our team is passionate about their work, excels in their area of expertise, and is dedicated to building lasting and meaningful relationships with each individual client. They consider themselves fortunate to work with a group of like-minded people who understand that hard work is rewarded with exceptional results, look forward to the challenges that accompany the ever-evolving entertainment industry, and are proud to work for a family-owned business that is committed to supporting American industries.

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Trend Setters of Design Standards

Phillip Howell, President & CEO of Best American Trampoline Parks, was part of a select group of top trampoline park industry leaders tasked with the creation of the Trampoline Court safety standards in the U.S, (ASTM F2970-13) for ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The purpose of the standard is to delineate requirements regarding the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and major modification of commercial or institutional trampoline courts operated with the primary purpose of amusement, entertainment, or recreation. We are dedicated to ensuring that all trampoline parks are made to appropriate design standards.

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We value the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and show our support by including a one-year pre-paid membership with each new client park. The IATP’s mission is to promote safe operations, facilitate commercial success and stimulate growth of the trampoline park industry worldwide.