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Elevate Your Adventure Park to The Next Level

November 9, 2021

by Erica Mercer

Elevate Your Adventure Park to The Next Level

Epic. Thrilling. Exciting. Best Park Ever! Hearing adventure park guests use those words to describe their experience at your family entertainment center is the ultimate goal. It’s why many entrepreneurs jump into the adventure park industry! They want to build a family entertainment venue that’s loved, enjoyed, and remembered by their guests.

The big question is how do trampoline and adventure park owners achieve the “That was awesome! I can’t wait to go back!” seal of approval from some of the world’s harshest critics, aka pre-teens?

As a premier adventure park builder, we strive to exceed not only our clients’ expectations, but also the expectations of their guests with each adventure park we design and build. We’ve concluded that the key to achieving the “That was epic! When can we go back?!?” seal of approval begins well before you open the doors to your family entertainment center. In fact, it starts during the design phase of your adventure park.

Graphics & Polished Interiors

The first ingredient we’re going to discuss that will help your adventure park achieve the epic seal of approval is graphics. You may be thinking…graphics? Aren’t you a trampoline park equipment supplier? Yes! We design and manufacture premium adventure park attractions. However, when it comes to building awe-inspiring adventure parks it takes more than adrenaline packed attractions to win the approval you crave.

The Best American Trampoline Parks team works with you to design out your entire adventure park. We’ll help you design wall graphics, signage, interior designs, party rooms, check-in counters…and the list goes on. In short, we’ve got you covered!

Now, we could go on about why you should incorporate jaw dropping graphics and polished interior finishes into your adventure park, but your time is precious. Instead of telling you why your trampoline park should incorporate memorable graphics and interiors, we’re going to show you. Afterall, a picture is worth a thousand words and a business owners time is one commodity that’s always in short supply.

Adrenaline Packed Attractions

In 2004, when the first trampoline park made its debut, it consisted of a large open space with interconnected trampolines. As the years passed, trampoline parks evolved to be multi-attraction family entertainment venues and the days of opening an entertainment venue with only trampoline-based attractions is long gone.

Don’t get us wrong! We love incorporating main trampoline courts, extreme dodgeball trampoline courts, and basketball trampoline courts into our clients’ parks. These classic attractions haven’t lost their luster and are loved by adventure park guests today. However, delivering an epic adventure park requires a mix of our beloved trampoline-based attractions and adrenaline packed attractions.

The Best American Trampoline Parks team is well versed in innovative attractions and is proud to have contributed to the evolution of our industry over the years. Our adventure-based attractions elevate your trampoline park to an adventure park that entices your guests to come back time and again.

Learn more about all our American made attractions, like our Trapeze Swing, Zip Line, Double Stack, and more on our product listing page.

Let the Adventure Begin

Achieving the coveted seal of approval from your adventure park guests isn’t an easy task. Beginning your adventure park build with an epic design, American made attractions built to last, and a team of experienced professionals to guide you, helps ensure that you’re set up for success from day one.

Ready to get started on your adventure park build? Want to learn more about owning and operating an active entertainment center? Contact us today! Our team of professionals would love to hear about your dreams of building an adventure park and help guide you through this journey.