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Ropes Course

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Adventure Awaits

Custom designed for your entertainment center. Our Ropes Course entices your guests to create memorable adventures each time they visit your venue.

Constructed with premium American made steel, our Ropes Course attraction offers both an Indoor Ropes Course and a ground level Ninja Course in one foot-print. This fully customizable attraction is designed for thrill seekers who crave challenging attractions that take them to new heights. The upper portion of this innovative adventure park attraction, tests your guests balance and agility as they navigate through the carefully crafted Ropes Course. On the bottom level, we’ve incorporate a ground level Ninja Course. This custom designed obstacle course is located directly below the Ropes Course. If enticing attractions that challenge guests on two separate levels wasn’t enough, we also powder coat the steel truss in virtually any color imaginable, including a selection of blacklight reactive colors that display a vibrant glow when exposed to blacklights.