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Rothschild Welcomes Adventure Park

May 22, 2019

by Erica Mercer

Rothschild Welcomes Adventure Park

Sawmill Adventure Park

Sawmill Adventure Park now offers an expansive indoor trampoline park in addition to their 18-hole mini-golf course. The new 25,000 square-foot trampoline park, located in Rothschild, Wisconsin, features ten different attractions, including an innovative free-fall attraction called the Stunt Jump that entices guests to jump from a height of 16-feet onto a large airbag.

The Stunt Jump is expected to be one of the more popular attractions at the recently opened trampoline park according to co-owner, Dylan Alwin. “Everyone seems especially excited about the Stunt Jump and comments on it as soon as they walk into the park.”

Dylan also stated that safety is a priority for the new trampoline park and explained that his staff will be trained to help guests experience the attractions. “We are going to have a dedicated staff at the Stunt Jump attraction to ensure that guests are participating correctly, and other staff located throughout the park to help ensure that our guests are enjoying the park in a safe manner.”

Kid-Friendly Attractions

Other exciting attractions include a custom powder coated blue ninja warrior course, a traverse climbing wall, large main trampoline court, a multi-attraction pit equipped with a slackline and battle beam, a kid’s trampoline court, and trampoline basketball courts.

The Inspiration Behind the Trampoline Park

When asked about the inspiration for the trampoline park Dylan explained that the idea was uncovered several years ago during a family visit to southern California.

“It was a rainy day and we were looking for an indoor entertainment option that would occupy the kids for a few hours when we came across a recently opened trampoline park. The kids loved it so much that we ended up going back to the park multiple times.” Dylan went on to say, “We immediately liked the concept and knew that a trampoline park would do well in our area.”

A couple of years after visiting the trampoline park in California the Alwin’s purchased a local mini-golf course. They completed some renovations on the course and are pleased to say that the last three years of operating the course have been successful.

The success of the mini-golf course enticed the Sawmill Adventure Park team to move forward with the trampoline park concept they uncovered almost nine years ago. “We had space next to our mini-golf course and decided that a trampoline park would be a great addition to the area.”

Dylan went on to explain that there are a few different entertainment options in the area that work well with the adventure center model. “We are in an area centered around entertainment. There is a movie theater complex and a hotel with an indoor water park that attracts families and skiers.”

Designing out the trampoline park was a combined effort between the Sawmill team and Best American Trampoline Parks according to Dylan.

“We completed a lot of research at other trampoline parks in the area with our kids and worked with the Best American team to ensure that we were offering a lot of appealing attractions that flow well within our space.”

Dylan Alwin

Co-owner, Sawmill Adventure Park

Dylan went on to explain that a few of the trampoline parks they visited while completing their research were designed and manufactured by Best American Trampoline Parks. He commented, “It was helpful to see and feel the trampoline parks that Best American designed and built over the last few years. I was able to visit parks built by Best American 4-5 years ago and parks built within the last couple of years. The evolution of their products over the years was impressive. I know that we received a quality product.”

Full-Service Entertainment Center

In addition to family-friendly attractions, Sawmill Adventure Park also has a café that serves snacks, beer, and wine. They will also plan on partnering with local catering companies to provide specialty food items for birthday parties and events.