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Soft Play Structures

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Expertly Designed Soft Play Systems

Our premium Soft Play Structures are one-of-a-kind, built to withstand years of use, and are created specifically for the unique requirements of your entertainment center. These playgrounds are made from high-quality American sourced materials, are designed to promote active play and come in a limitless number of configurations.

Best American can help you create a memorable and fun playground that meets the needs of your facility and enhances your brand by incorporating your centers color scheme, branding or theme. Our Soft Play systems feature heavy duty 3.5-inch diameter tube frames that can be powder coated, sturdy steel mesh containment and high compressed antimicrobial plastic bases take the place of floppy netting, zip tied pads and vinyl covered bases. Our Soft Play systems are a truly unique element that is built to withstand the test of time. These playgrounds are proven family attractions that can be customized for virtually any space and because they are constructed with high quality materials they require a minimal amount of maintenance.