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Rockin’ Jump trampoline park owners sought out kid-friendly venture

10 mars 2016

par Erica Mercer

Rockin’ Jump trampoline park owners sought out kid-friendly venture

‘A bouncing baby boy’ — for John and Gina Emmons, trampoline park owners. That phrase took on an amplified meaning as they opened Rockin’ Jump Las Vegas, a new indoor trampoline sports park at 7200 Montessouri St., Suite 160, at the same time they were expecting their third child.

The 20,000-square-foot trampoline park features a large open jump area with wall-to-wall trampolines. Kids 6 or younger have a dedicated space to jump. There’s also a spot where jumpers of any age can leap from trampolines into a pit topped with a stunt air bag. There are two trampoline dodge ball courts, three basketball court bays with varying heights of hoops and a three-story rock climbing tower. Visitors are also invited to grab a padded log and battle gladiator-style, balancing on a beam with foam pits on either side.”

Read more about Best American Trampoline’s newest park, in partnership with Rockin’ Jump franchise group, located in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.