We don’t stop with online booking, we give your customers online accounts to manage their reservations, parties, waivers, family members, friends, and more. Then we take it up a notch by integrating wearable, smart technology to enable a truly cashless process.

With wearables, you can market to the individual, not the crowd. Bring your customers back by making offers that appeal directly to their spending habits.

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Online Birthday Party Booking

Online Customer Accounts

Allow Your Customers to Do More Online to Improve Satisfaction

  • Ticket Sales
  • Class Enrollment
  • Party Booking
  • Waivers
  • Event Managent
  • Family & Friend Management

Electronic Waivers

Online & Kiosk Facilitated Waivers

  • Tied to Account
  • Tied to Customer Database
  • Tied to Ticket Sales
  • Waivers from any Tablet
RFID Smart Wristbands

Smart Wristbands

Take Your Active Business to the Next Level

  • Allow POS to Track Capacity & Track Time Purchased
  • Tie to Accounts for Cashless Purchases – Improve Revenues
  • Allow Participant to Add Time on the Fly
  • Track Activity & Run Competitions

Mobile POS

Untether and Watch Your Business Grow

  • Tableside Party Checkin
  • Tableside Waivers
  • Fast & Easy Party Management
  • Tableside Closeout of Tab
  • Standard Hardware


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