Custom Themed Play Structures

Premium, one-of-a-kind play space designs tailored to fit the exclusive needs of your venue. These play structures can turn an ordinary recreational space into an enchanting destination attraction.


Our innovative ninja obstacle courses, popularized by TV’s American Ninja Warrior, challenges the balance, strength and agility of your park guests in a thrilling new way! All of our attractions are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Dallas, Texas and therefore, are highly customizable. We design our courses to fit your needs, specifications, and themes.

One-on-One Basketball

Part basketball, part volleyball, our One-On-One basketball courts will provide your guests with non-stop action as they try to score against their opponent by shooting the ball through the opening in their opponent’s net. The trampoline base takes a straight-forward game to a whole new level.


Our airbag pits provide a nice, soft, consistent alternative to traditional foam pits. The airbag doubles as both a landing area for your jumpers, and a fantastic marketing tool for you. Our in-house designers will use your company’s colors and logo in a creative way that results in a visually compelling, branded area within your facility.

Climbing Elements

Stationary rock climbing walls and towers are innovative, functional and cost-effective while using the highest quality materials available to offer a thrilling, life-like climbing experience. Both modular and semi-round panel systems maximize climbing surface area, while minimizing unnecessary floor space.


A new twist on a childhood favorite! Our trampoline courts, built into a designated area with dedicated staff to oversee the action; the dodgeball court will quickly become a favorite of your park guests.


Provide your guests the exhilarating opportunity to dunk like the pro’s. With adjustable heights, our goals offer anyone the chance to perfect the alley-oop, or 360 dunk of their dreams.


This is our bread and butter. A series of interlocking trampoline beds with custom, angle cut pads. Our netting frame structure allows for easy net installation and our beds feature safety flaps that prevent hands and feet from coming in contact with the spring area. Our construction is the best you will find, featuring the heaviest frame system in the industry, as well redundant beds, (backup safety system beneath the main jumping surface) and custom springs (we use twice as many as our competitors.)

Kid Zones

Built to ensure that all members of the family have fun at your facility. Our kid’s trampoline courts provide your little jumpers a chance to get in on the action

Backyard Trampolines

Best American Trampolines also manufacturers the best, highest quality, rectangle trampoline for backyard use. With many models to choose from, you’ll be sure to find an option to suit your family’s needs.

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Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death, even when landing in the middle of the bed.

Use trampoline only with mature, knowledgeable supervision.